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The FOJ Newsletter was created for the worldwide network of thousands of attorneys, judges, legal scholars and volunteers devoted to the Jessup Moot Court Competition. These individuals -- affectionately referred to as FOJ's -- offer support through monetary contributions and legal expertise, without which the success of the Competition would be impossible.

The FOJ Newsletter is a way for these supporters and former participants to stay connected to and informed about the Jessup Competition. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, former Jessup participants and judges can be found at the world's finest law firms, corporations, universities, parliaments, and international organizations. Jessup participants worldwide continue to contribute their efforts to the development of international legal education, as well as international law itself. More than a competition, the Jessup is a fraternity of legal professionals, young and old, who build bonds and share an invaluable cultural and academic exchange with each other.

Current Issue:

FOJ Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1