ILSA is governed by a Board of Directors. The day-to-day operations are carried out by the staff of the ILSA Executive Office, which is assisted by three student officers and a large network of volunteers.

Current Leadership

Members of the Board
Executive Staff Members
2016-2017 Student Officers

Organizational Structure of ILSA

Board of Directors

ILSA is governed by a Board of Directors, which has eighteen seats for voting members, including three student board members. The leader of the board is the Chairman. The Executive Director also sits on the Board in an ex officio capacity.

Executive Office

ILSA maintains its Executive Office in Washington, DC. The Executive Staff handles the day-to-day affairs of ILSA. This includes all administrative and programmatic functions of the organization.

Student Officers

There are three elected student officers who manage chapter activities and serve as representatives for the organization: the president, vice president, and chief communications officer. These officers are voting member on the Board of Directors.

Student President: The president serves as the chief student officer of ILSA. The president, along with the Executive Director, represents ILSA in its relations with other organizations. The president also represents ILSA student chapters by communicating member concerns to the Board of Directors. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the president must be in constant communication with local chapter officers, other elected officers, and the Executive Office.

In addition to other duties, the president oversees all student-led projects and activities. The president works closely with the Executive Office to recruit ILSA chapters, coordinate and promote ILSA programming, plan the ILSA Spring Conference, and plan regional activity. The president also leads the Fall and Spring Congresses, the two annual meetings of ILSA chapters. The president must attend the Congresses, all ILSA conferences, and represent ILSA at other international law events throughout the academic year.

Student Vice President: The responsibility of the student vice president is to assist the president in fulfilling his/her duties and to assume the role of chief student officer in the president's absence. The vice president also works with the President to coordinate ILSA events, particularly in the area of career development and publications. In this pursuit, frequent communication with the other officers and the Executive Office is imperative.

The vice president also supervises the registration process at the Congresses and, in conjunction with the student chief communications officer, assists in recruiting and overseeing regional representatives. Information about regional representatives is detailed below.

Chief Communications Officer: The student chief communications officer manages all communications among ILSA chapters. The CCO informs members of ILSA activities, publicizes chapter events, and passes information between student officers, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Office. The CCO also works closely with regional representatives and monitors regional activities. Constant communication between the CCO, the other student officers, and the Executive Office is imperative. Computer skills are a must for anyone interested in obtaining this position.

Regional Representatives

Chapter members may volunteer to represent ILSA in a certain geographical area as a regional representative. ILSA believes regional leadership helps to establish smaller cooperative networks in which local chapters can collaborate and provide more opportunities for their members. Job fairs, regional symposia and large social events are coordinated annually in each Region.

Regional representatives also assist the student officers in carrying out the business of the organization, including communicating with ILSA chapters, representing ILSA at various events, and participating in ILSA activities. Often, regional representatives serve as the voice of the student officers by informing chapters in their region of ILSA events and news. It is important for regional representatives to frequently communicate with the student officers and Executive Office.

Regional representatives are appointed by the student officers. There is no nomination requirement for this position.

Chapter Officers

Local chapter officers are responsible for running the day-to-day affairs of the International Law Society at their university, planning and organizing chapter events, delegating responsibilities to chapter members, and communicating with chapter members. Local chapter officers are also responsible for paying ILSA chapter dues, sending a membership list (including member contacts) to the Executive Office, and notifying chapter members about ILSA events.

Chapters and Individual Members

ILSA is comprised of chapters and individual members from around the world. Local ILSA chapters have found that working under the scope of a larger organization has allowed them to enhance the quality of their local programming and tap the larger network of global resources. ILSA supports student international law journals, advises students on opportunities in international law, and provides other general educational programs and support to ILSA chapters and individual members.

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