ILSA Chapter Program Grants

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) invites its members to apply for ILSA Chapter Program Grants, an offering of financial and program support available to ILSA student organizations. Program Grants will assist ILSA members host programs and activities that promote international law, encourage communication and cooperation among students and lawyers internationally, and give students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide.

For years, ILSA has helped students organize and finance international law conferences in cooperation with universities and other educational and professional organizations. ILSA now seeks to expand its assistance to Chapter members by providing up to $1,000 in financial support to Chapter programs or events that promote the study and understanding of international law. Program grants will support those events that, in the determination of ILSA, address timely issues of international law, provide students with information about international legal opportunities, and/or provide students with opportunities to network with international law practitioners, academics and other law students from around the world.

Who Can Apply?

Program Grants are only available to registered ILSA Chapters and should be used to implement educational programs and activities. ILSA also encourages and supports ILSA Chapter activities that promote networking, professional development, and community involvment. 

Program grants will not be awarded to support annual fundraising drives, institutional benefits, honorary functions, or similar projects; nor will grants be given to support scholarships or provide tuition assistance for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies. Grants are also not intended to pay for student travel to, from, or at international law events.

How to Apply?

Applications will be accepted at any time during the year. ILSA does not require applicants to follow a specific format, but we ask that all grant requests comply with the instructions included on this webpage. We encourage all applicants to take the time to develop a professional and thorough application. 

Chapters wishing to receive program grant funding should include the following information in their proposal:

A detailed description of the program, including dates, location, parties involved, and any publicity material for the event;

An introduction to the chapter and any past involvement with ILSA, including whether the Chapter has ever received financial assistance from ILSA;

A financial summary and budget that breaks down all anticipated costs associated with the program, the necessity of the ILSA grant, and how the Chapter intends to pay for the additional costs (if any) not covered by the grant;

A list of individuals who will be executing the program, including any faculty support.

Applications should be submitted six weeks prior to the date of the program by email to [email protected], subject line “ILSA Program Grant Proposal.” Questions may be sent to the same address.

A Chapter may submit more than one but no more than five grant applications for activities to take place between August and May each year. The maximum possible award is $1,000 per application and program.

How are grant awards decided?

Awards will be based on the submission of well-developed program proposals that demonstrate how the program will explore important issues in international law and contribute to existing scholarship; whether the program proposal is complete, well-organized, and can be implemented by the ILSA student chapter; and whether the program will benefit a large number of students and the greater legal community, or is a collaborative effort between ILSA Chapters, schools and organizations.

Program grant applications will be closely reviewed by the ILSA Executive Office. If awarded a Program Grant, the recipient Chapter will be required to recognize ILSA as an event sponsor; send advertising materials to ILSA to be dispersed to other ILSA chapters; and provide a summary of the event within two weeks of the program end date.

What is the Chapter Collaboration Grant?

The 2017-2018 application season will resume in the fall of 2017. 

ILSA is pleased to offer the ILSA Chapter Collaboration Grant, which is a grant aimed at encouraging Chapters to work together to put forth international law programming. The ILSA Chapter Collaboration Grant awards up to $2,000 for one international law related program being organized by two or more ILSA Chapters. Proposals for an ILSA Chapter Collaboration Grant may also submitted to [email protected]


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