2019 Colloquium on International Law

Date(s) - 08/15 - 08/16

Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hong Kong

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This year’s Colloquium comes at a time when the world continues to head into uncharted waters. At the time of writing this message, mid-May 2019, it is uncertain whether the United States and China will reach a trade agreement to their long-running trade dispute. The geopolitical issues around the globe continue to affect the lives of ordinary people, as sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council as a multilateral force of global governance and by the United States as a world power determined to impose its self-interest on others, begin to bite, sometimes very hard. Technology is disrupting economies throughout the world for good and for evil. Yet, amidst this chaos, there is hope. One finds growing conviction and desire within many quarters in the world for finding solutions to our problems. It is this growing conviction that motivates and underpins this year’s Colloquium.

We will discuss the underlying causes of this chaos and the foundations of hope for the future. We have gathered a group of distinguished officials, academics, and practitioners to explore four crucial aspects of recent developments on the international stage, against the backdrop of two milestones in the development of international law.