For Women By Women Trial Advocacy Training

Date(s) - 01/28

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Elizabeth Lippy

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Join us for a unique and new 2 day trial advocacy training conducted
entirely by female TACT trainers for female attorneys of all
backgrounds and skill levels. This training, designed in a learning-by-doing format, promises to hone litigation skills in a safe environment targeted to female trial attorneys taught by expert female trial advocacy instructors.

Litigation skills and topics include evidence, objections, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, laying appropriate foundations for the admissibility of exhibits, impeaching witnesses during cross-examination, refreshing a witness’s recollection during direct-examination, optimizing advocacy for online hearings and trials, working with expert witnesses, and ethics.

The two day training includes keynotes from acclaimed litigators, including civil trial lawyers, prosecutors, trial advocacy professors, and judges, who will share their insight into being a successful female trial lawyer.