Get off my turf: ethical and regulatory boundaries for legal-related services within and outside law firms

Date(s) - 05/12

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Evalin Olson

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A webinar presented by the IBA Professional Ethics Committee, supported by the IBA Law Firm Management Committee

Where do we draw the line on non-lawyer advisors?

Chartered accountants, trademark and patent agents, and immigration agents, can provide legal counselling in various fields – including intellectual property and immigration law – and paralegals, law firm secretaries and other staff can also be delegated to perform legal tasks under licensed lawyer supervision.

But what are the ethical landmines? Are non-legal advisors bound to ethical rules in the exercise of their professions? And when is it acceptable to use legal services outside law firms?

Our roster of panellists will discuss the ethical and regulatory boundaries for legal-related services, within and outside of law firms, and other airing issues.