Peninsular Perspectives: Human rights and accountability in the UAE and the region

Date(s) - 01/15

American Society of International Law, Tillar House

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Haydee Dijkstal

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
10am – 2pm
Location: The American Society of International Law,
(2223 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington DC)

~ Lunch provided ~
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At a time of global attention on the Gulf Region and the catastrophic conflict in Yemen, the human rights and humanitarian situation both within the UAE and beyond its borders have been in the headlines. This event will explore the current situation on the ground and the prospects for promoting human rights compliance and accountability in challenging times. Two separate panels will address internal challenges to human rights within the UAE and the prospect of accountability for the ongoing Yemen conflict.

Panel 1: Looking Inwards: The Challenges to Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the UAE

Panel 2: Looking Outwards: Accountability and Reparations for the Yemen Conflict


Matthew Hedges, Durham University Academic detained in solitary confinement in the UAE

Sean Murphy, Professor at GW University Law School, Member of UN International Law Commission

Chris Rogers, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundations

Andrea Prasow, Deputy Washington Director, Human Rights Watch

Michael Newton, Professor at Vanderbilt Law School

Osamah Al-Fakih, Advocacy Director, Mwatana for Human Rights

Lauren Minsky, Assistant Professor of History, New York University, Formerly NYU Abu Dubai

Gianfranco dell’Alba, Chair of the Board, No Peace Without Justice

Michelle Digruttollo, Senior Managing Director, Ankura; former White House Intelligence Briefer

Shana Marshall, Associate Director, Institute for Middle East Studies, GW Elliot School of Int’lAffairs

Mark Agrast, Executive Director, American Society of International Law

Haydee Dijkstal, 33 Bedford Row, International Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer