Teaching International Law in the Arab World: Critical Perspectives and Pedagogies

Date(s) - 04/23 - 05/24

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Evalin Olson

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Chair: Ntina Tzouvala, Senior Lecturer, ANU College of Law

Alia Algazzar
Associate Professor of International Law, School of Law, the Arab Academy
‘Would Changing the Teaching of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in the Arab Region Change the World?’

Dina Hadad
Associate Professor in International Law, Kuwait International Law School
‘International Law in the Middle East: Pedagogies of ‘Presence’ and ‘Absences’

Mando Rachovista
Assistant Professor of International Law, University of Groningen
‘Teaching and (Un)learning International Law in Qatar’

Ata R. Hindi
Research Fellow in International Law, Institute of Law, Birzeit University
‘Teaching International Law: Palestine, the Arab World, Third World, and Minorities’