The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2020

Date(s) - 02/07 - 02/09

International School of Business & Media, Pune

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The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2020 is the first academic conference organized by Internationalism, a research organization at ISB&M, Nande Campus, Pune,India. The conference is a special method to incentivise methods for viable academic and learning contributions in the field of International Law, by track sessions on different contemporary issues of International Law and its multidisciplinary allied fields.

In the maiden edition of the conference, we are focusing on the inclusive nature of international law and its related imperative fields of concern.

We have thus focused on the role of Artificial Intelligence Ethics, the Role of Women in Business, the Pluralist Nature of Armed Conflicts and its Geopolitical Implications in IHL and the existential value of International Law in a post-truth scenario.

Themes of the Conference:
1. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) & International Criminal Law (ICL): The Multidisciplinary Perspective
2. Law of Space, Satellites and Cyberspace
3. International Human Rights Law and related Contemporary Issues
4. International Trade Law: The Modernist Perspectives.

The Conference consists of the following sessions:
– The Track Presentations: Hear, learn and know about the accepted presentations for the Tracks based on the themes of the Conference by scholars and professionals.
РThe Globalit̩ Debates: A Special Debate Symposium involving critical discussions and learning rapport on the issues of International Law and Relations for multidisciplinary students.
– The World In You Panel Discussions – Inclusive and far-reaching panel discussions on the allied issues of International Law. This year, we have decided the following Panel Issues to be covered:
1. Future of International Law with Populism: Multilateralism v Bilateralism in a Multipolar Humanity
2. India’s Foreign Policy Approach: Shift from Non-Alignment to Multi-Alignment
3. Common Article 3: Its Reasonable Potential to Regulate Non-International Armed Conflicts (NIACs)
4. The Gaps in Algorithmic Accountability & Policing in Developing Asian Economies: The Politico-economic Perspective
5. Understanding the Indian Approach of Governance, Operations & Warfare in Cyberspace: Vision and Perspectives
6. Virtual Dispute Resolution and International Relations: The Asian and African Prerogative
7. Space Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in International Law: The ‘New India’ Perspective
8. Climate Change and Human Rights: Understanding Development and Entrepreneurship Anomalies in Developing Economies
9. ON [Artificial Intelligence Ethics and International Law: An Introduction; Book by Abhivardhan]

Registrations are now open! Register as per the links provided as follows:
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For further queries, please contact Mr Priyanshu AP, the Organizing Secretary at [email protected]

The Juris En Conference on International Law, 2020.