ILSA serves as an umbrella organization for its member chapters (mostly known as International Law Societies) at individual law schools. Chapters exist as independent entities as well as members of the larger Association. ILSA's structure grants autonomy to its Chapters to meet their unique needs locally while making available to them an international network of pooled academic and organizational resources.

ILSA Chapters are located in schools around the world. ILSA Chapters have found that working under the scope of a larger organization has allowed them to enhance the quality of their local programming. Organizing an ILSA Chapter is easy. Because Chapter members determine the amount of activity and responsibility the group will assume, a few dedicated students can form a dynamic and successful ILSA Chapter.

Questions regarding ILSA Chapters may be directed to [email protected].


Existing ILSA Chapters must register with the ILSA Executive Office each year.

Chapter Resources

ILSA Chapters are free with registration of a Jessup Team. Schools without Jessup Teams may still register ILSA Chapters according to the following fee schedule:

Schedule I – $200

Schedule II – $100
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Schedule III – $75
Bermuda, Bulgaria, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Schedule IV – $50
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Panama, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, Russia

Schedule V – $30
All Others

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) invites its members to apply for ILSA Chapter Program Grants, an offering of financial and program support. Program Grants will assist ILSA members host programs and activities that promote international law and give students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide.

ILSA will provide up to $1,000 in financial support to Chapter programs or events. Program grants will support those events that, in the determination of ILSA, address timely issues of international law, provide students with information about international legal opportunities, and/or provide students with opportunities to network with international law practitioners, academics and other law students from around the world.

Who Can Apply?

Program Grants are only available to registered ILSA Chapters and should be used to implement educational programs and activities. ILSA also encourages and supports ILSA Chapter activities that promote networking, professional development, and community involvement.

Program grants will not be awarded to support annual fundraising drives, institutional benefits, honorary functions, or similar projects; nor will grants be given to support scholarships or provide tuition assistance for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies. Grants are also not intended to pay for student travel to, from, or at international law events.

How to Apply?

Applications will be accepted at any time during the year. Chapters wishing to receive program grant funding should include the following information in their proposal:

• A detailed description of the program, including dates, location, parties involved, and any publicity material for the event;
• An introduction to the chapter and any past involvement with ILSA, including whether the Chapter has ever received financial assistance from ILSA;
• A financial summary and budget that breaks down all anticipated costs associated with the program, the necessity of the ILSA grant, and how the Chapter intends to pay for the additional costs (if any) not covered by the grant;
• A list of individuals who will be executing the program, including any faculty support.

Applications should be submitted six weeks prior to the date of the program by email to [email protected], subject line “ILSA Program Grant Proposal.” Questions may be sent to the same address.

A Chapter may submit more than one but no more than five grant applications for activities to take place between August and May each year. The maximum possible award is $1,000 per application and program.

ILSA Chapters can be formed at any school where students study law. All you need to start an ILSA Chapter are a few students interested in international law. To form an official Chapter, you will need to register with the ILSA Executive Office. Registration takes place each fall and is an online process. The registration form can be found on the ILSA Chapters webpage.

Each ILSA Chapter is unique. Some Chapters have three members while other have more than 50. Chapters also have different resources, goals, and communities. We want all of our Chapters to be successful, and therefore, we offer these guidelines for organizing a new Chapter. However, we do not expect every Chapter to follow the same path. Please feel free to use your own experience and creativity to build a Chapter at your school.