Welcome to the Jessup 2021 Global Rounds!  The process of bringing together thousands of law students and legal professionals for the world's largest virtual moot court competition is exciting for us. This year brings the opportunity for every team participating in the competition to face a truly international set of opponents. For more information about the decision to take the competition virtual, please read the Official Announcement.

The 2021 Global Rounds are officially underway! We highly encourage everyone to take a look at the 2021 Global Rounds Program to see the full list of competing teams, National Rounds, and more.

If you are a Judge or Competitor, you will find relevant resources regarding the Global Rounds to be linked below. These include the 2021 Jessup Problem, the Master Rounds Schedule, technology FAQ documents, platform training videos, and more.


Although the spirit of the Jessup remains the same, hosting a virtual competition with teams in almost every time zone requires changes to both the structure and rules of the competition. We encourage everyone to read the documents listed below, as they will give you the most important up-to-date information about the competition we have available. We also recommend that you follow us on social media and sign up for the newsletter so that you are receiving timely updates as more information is released. Learn more information about the 2021 Global Competition using the links below:

We look forward to connecting with our Jessup community throughout the Jessup season, and especially during the Jessup Global Rounds. Along with the competition matches, competitors and judges will also have the opportunity to participate in networking and social events. More information about these exciting opportunities will be made available soon!

If you have additional questions about the Jessup 2021 Global Competition, please email the Executive Office at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

One Jessup Campaign

The 2021 Global Rounds of the Jessup Competition will bring together thousands of law students and legal professionals for the largest virtual moot court competition in the world. We can overcome the unique challenges we face this year by demonstrating our continued commitment to remain together—virtually.

As we move forward in organizing this year's Jessup Competition, building a customized online platform for the Global Rounds, and push forth new initiatives, we depend on our community network to help us reach—and surpass—our goals. Click below to learn more about our One Jessup campaign and how you can contribute to making the 2021 Global Rounds the best they can be.

Law Firm Sponsors

ILSA would like to thank our law firm sponsors for their generous support of the 2021 Jessup Global Rounds:

Research Sponsors

ILSA would like to thank our generous research sponsors of the 2021 Jessup Global Rounds for providing database access to competing teams:

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