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1963 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

Compromis: Case Arising Out of a Collision on the High Seas, Involving Conflict Between the Law of the Forum and the Law of a Convention (Belgium v. United States)

Topics: Law of the Sea, Conflict of Laws, Customary International Law, Exhaustion of Local Remedies

Location: Statler-Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C. 

Jessup World Cup Champion
Columbia University (USA)
Team Members: David Abell, Joel Davidow, Adrian Colley, Robert Hahnen, Gabriel Wilner

Jessup Runner Up
University of North Carolina (USA)
Team Members: Joseph Friedberg, Joseph Farrel

Final Round Judges
Michael H. Cardozo - Cornell Law School
Leavenworth Colby - Chief, Admiralty & Shipping Section, U.S. Department of Justice
Hon. Edward Dumbauld - Judge, United States Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Problem Author
Covey T. Oliver - Inter-American Juridical Court of the Organization of American States

Best Oralist: Joseph Friedberg, University of North Carolina (USA)

Best Memorial: Columbia University

Number of Teams Worldwide: 8

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 2

Number of Countries1

Number of Countries at the International Rounds: 1

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