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Jessup Volunteers

Bailiff 1The Jessup Competition is able to run smoothly due in large part to the dedicated work of volunteers. Volunteers may assist with the preparation for or administration of the Jessup Competition and may also serve as bailiffs at all levels of the competition. 

We are currently seeking volunteers for the US Regionals taking place during February 2017 in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, New York, Portland, and Washington, DC. Please fill out the US Regional Volunteer Form to receive more information about volunteering at one of these competitions. 

Volunteer opportunities may also be available in other countries and territories. Individuals that wish to become involved in a local Qualifying Rounds Competition can reach out to the Administrator for the specific International Qualifying Rounds. Additional dates and contact information for the Qualifying rounds will be posted as it becomes available. 

Recruitment for the International Rounds will start in Spring of 2017. In the meantime, individuals wishing to become involved should fill out this short form. ILSA's Executive Office will reach out to those interested once recruitment is underway.

What is a Bailiff?

A Bailiff is the key to a smooth and successful oral round! A Bailiff's main responsibility is to make sure the court room is running on schedule and procedures are followed. Other important responsibilities include: setting up courtrooms, meeting with teams and judges, distributing score-sheets, and observing that rounds are conducted fairly. 

Benefits of being a Bailiff

- Network with students and esteemed practitioners of International Law
- Witness how international legal arguments are crafted and deliberated
- Volunteer for an organization devoted to the promotion of International Law and Legal education

Bailiff Materials

Below are helpful materials for perspective Bailiff volunteers. Volunteers should familiarize themselves with the instructions sheet, script, and other materials to understand the procedures of the court and their specific role.

Bailiff 4

A bailiff preparing paperwork with judges before a round.

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