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12/06/18 US Patent Practice London, England
10/07/18 IBA Annual Conference 2018 Rome, Italy
08/19/18 78th Annual ILA Conference Sydney, Australia
07/26/18 Second Annual ABA Cross-Border Discovery Institute: The Interplay between E.U. Data Protection and U.S. Discovery Le Chatelain Brussels Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
07/12/18 SEIL 2018 Biennial Conference Washington, DC
07/01/18 Japan Chapter, Asian Society of International Law: Global Annual Conference Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
06/26/18 Crisis in Yemen: Accountability and Reparations The Stimson Center, 1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington DC, 20036
06/14/18  IBA Balkan Legal Forum 2018 Vienna, Austria
06/13/18 AU Human Rights Series: Violence against Women: The impact of international law in the protection of victims ASIL Tillar House
06/12/18 IBA 16th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference Paris, France
06/06/18 AU Human Rights Series: 70 Years of the Universal and American Declarations on Human Rights: Their impact in the history of the human rights movement ASIL Tillar House, Washington, DC
06/05/18 Life After May 25: an EU GDPR Update Washington, DC
06/04/18 40 years after Entry into Force: A celebration of the 1977 Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions Tillar House, Washington, DC
06/02/18 The Seventh International Four Societies Conference Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
05/31/18 World Food Law Symposium-Geographical Indications for Foods: Exploring Local Origin, Community Development and Intellectual Property Rights The Cosmos Club, Washington, DC
05/30/18 35th IBA International Financial Law Conference The Hilton, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05/30/18 AU Human Rights Series:The Human Rights Crisis in Venezuela: Strategies to use effectively international institutions ASL Tillar House, Washington, DC
05/23/18 IBA 13th Annual Bar Leaders’ Conference Oslo, Norway

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