5th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference: Resilient Asia – Fighting Global Headwinds

Date: 02/15/2017 - 02/17/2017       Location: Mumbai, India

A conference presented by the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum

Topics will include:

  • Resilience shown by the Indian economy in the light of the global headwinds
  • M&A in the Asia-Pacific region – whether distressed or chasing the Asian
  • The digital economy: impact on people's lives and legal challenges
  • Dispute resolution clauses in commercial agreements
  • Non-performing assets and distressed loans - can bankers and company promoters be friends again?
  • Are Asian law firms under pressure?
  • Legal and regulatory challenges in building world class infrastructure projects in India and the emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Have you hugged your general counsel today?
  • Arbitration in India: does the new law advance the case?
  • Managing mobile employees
  • Is the Indian higher judiciary at risk of breaching the Lakshman Rekha between activism and overreach?
  • Is the taxman deterring foreign investors from investing in the Asia-Pacific region?
  • Corruption and its impact on the economies in the Asia-Pacific region

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