Chapter Awards

The International Law Students Association recognizes that many ILSA Chapters often go above and beyond in their efforts to promote the study and understanding of international law. In order to recognize these accomplishments, Chapter Awards are given annually to chapters that best exemplify the characteristics described in each award category. Any events that a Chapter hosted or produced during the academic year are eligible for consideration. Chapters may nominate themselves for one or more award, and may nominate one activity or event in more than one category. Winning Chapters will receive a monetary prize to help them with academic programming for the following academic year. 

Chapter Award Categories

Best All-Around Chapter

The award for “Best All-Around Chapter” honors a Chapter that has organized or sponsored many successful events during the academic year and has maintained a large number of student members (relative to the size of the student body). The Chapter’s events should be varied in type and scope, incorporating educational, philanthropic, and social events into its calendar. The “Best All-Around Chapter” should demonstrate a commitment to advancing an understanding of international law within its school and community.

Most Improved Chapter

The “Most Improved Chapter” award acknowledges a Chapter which has, in the course of the year, expanded its membership, developed its programming, and achieved a significantly greater level of interest in comparison to the previous year. The recipient of this award is not required to have been unsuccessful in the past, but must have improved considerably by expanding its dedication to the promotion and study of international law.

Best Academic International Event

The award for “Best Academic International Event” will be presented to a Chapter that planned and executed a successful, well-attended event that reflects the importance of international law. Events that qualify for this category include speakers, lectures, panel discussions, or any other format that provides educational value to attendees. Programs nominated for this category should demonstrate the Chapter’s understanding of the meaning and value of international law.

Best International Social Event

The “Best International Social Event” award recognizes that successful ILSA Chapters take time to learn from their peers and to engage members of the community and the Chapter in fun, social activities. This can include movie nights, beer tastings, or any activity that encourages social interaction outside of an academic setting. The winning event should be attended by a relatively large number of Chapter members, other law school organizations, faculty members, and members of the community.

Best Philanthropic Event/Activity

The award for “Best Philanthropic Event/Activity” will be presented to a Chapter that has planned or sponsored a successful, well-attended event or activity that benefits a charitable organization or cause. The winning event may or may not include fundraising, should be open to the entire community, and should be international in character and scope. 


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