ILSA Guide to International Law Moot Court Competitions

This is a hands-on e-publication that addresses many aspects of international law moot court competitions. The authors have written a volume that is useful for students, coaches and faculty advisors with a wide variety of moot-court experience. For participants who have no previous experience with international law moot courts, the book serves as a primer, introducing the topics of moot court generally, international law, and oral and legal advocacy. For participants with prior course work in international law, it provides a guide for applying this knowledge to the moot-court context. For participants with competition experience, it provides a first glimpse into how moot court differs when the legal basis is international law. And finally, for those with experience with international law moot courts, this text is intended to serve as a ready handbook for "refreshers" on certain topics and for quick reference. The ILSA Guide is written by Cecilie Elisabeth Schjatvet & Zakir Hafez and published by the International Law Institute.

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