Submit an Article to the ILSA Quarterly

The International Law Students Association invites students, practitioners, and academics to submit articles for publication in the ILSA Quarterly. We accept a wide variety of articles including student seminar papers or articles written as class assignments. The ILSA Quarterly is published four times each year (October, December, February, and May) and articles will be accepted for all issues. 

What type of articles will the ILSA Quarterly accept?

ILSA will consider several different types of articles for publication including full length articles, brief articles covering current events or developments in international law, and interviews with international law practitioners.  

Full length articles: Full length articles submitted for publication should be no longer that 4000 words and should include less than 10 footnotes. Articles should address current and developing issues in international law. We encourage potential authors to submit articles on diverse issues in all areas of international law from international arbitration to international taxation.

Brief articles: ILSA will also accept short articles between 900 and 1500 words that offer concise coverage of current issues in the field of international law. These articles should contain less than 5 footnotes. 

Interviews: Interviews with prominent individuals in the field of international law are also included in most issues of the ILSA Quarterly. However, we typically only publish one interview per issues. If you would like to submit an interview, we encourage you to contact [email protected] with information about the proposed interview prior to conducting the interview. 

*When preparing an article for submission, please keep in mind that many of our readers are students just beginning the study of law and many speak english as a second language.   

How do I submit an article?

Articles can be sent electronically in MS Word format to ILSA at [email protected] or through ExpressO at Articles will be reviewed in a timely manner, but ILSA will only contact authors whose articles have been selected for publication. 

When should I submit an article?

Articles may be submitted at any time during the year. However, to insure that your article can be included in the upcoming issue, please submit your articles before the following dates:

August 15, 2016 for the October Issue (General)

October 28, 2016 for the December Issue (Study Abroad Programs)

December 30, 2016 for the February Issues (LL.M. Programs)

March 24, 2017 for the May Issue (Jessup)

Late submissions will be accepted at the discretion of the editor. 

Chapter Happenings

ILSA Chapter members are also encouraged to submit short articles for inclusion in the "Chapter Happenings" column of the ILSA Quarterly. This section contains stories, activities, and upcoming events from ILSA Chapters around the world. It is the goal that the shared experiences in this reoccurring column will provide Chapters with ideas and tools to improve their programs.

Please share your "Chapter Happenings" by emailing a short summary of Chapter activities to [email protected]. If you have pictures of your Chapter members or events, we encourage you to submit them along with your summary. 


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