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The ILSA Quarterly is an academic magazine that features articles written by students, scholars, and practitioners concerning timely issues of international law and related topics, as well as information on ILSA projects, study abroad programs, LL.M. programs and career opportunities in the field of international law. It is published four times during the academic year.

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The ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law is an academic legal publication that is housed at Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The ILSA Journal is published three times each year. The first issue is a compilation of notes, comments and essays concerning emerging topics in international law. The second issue, titled “International Practitioner’s Notebook,” features articles from legal scholars and practitioners who participated in the annual International Law Weekend conference in New York City, New York. This issue is produced in cooperation with the American Branch of the International Law Association and the American Bar Association Section of International Law and Practice. The third issue is published in both English and Spanish. It features scholarly articles with a regional focus on Latin America and South America. Questions about the ILSA Journal may be sent to [email protected].

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The Jessup Compendium is a compilation of the results of the annual Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, including the Compromis, the Judges’ Memorandum of Law and Authorities, Award Winning Memorials, and the Results of the International Rounds.

Thousands of law students from around the world work to craft persuasive arguments to the pressing legal questions presented by the Jessup Problem (the Compromis), which every year addresses timely issues of international law. The students first compete in national or regional competitions in January and February.  Winners (and other highly ranked teams) earn a place at the world championship White & Case International Rounds, held every spring in Washington, D.C. Each volume of the Jessup Compendium chronicles the journey of the year’s Competition, from the release of the problem to the winning memorials and final results. Also included in the Compendium are that year’s official Bench Memorandum and copies of the winning memorials from the Evans, Dillard, and Baxter Competitions.

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The authors have written a volume that is useful for students, coaches and faculty advisors with a wide variety of moot-court experience. For participants who have no previous experience with international law moot courts, the book serves as a primer, introducing the topics of moot court generally, international law, and oral and legal advocacy. For participants with prior course work in international law, it provides a guide for applying this knowledge to the moot-court context. For participants with competition experience, it provides a first glimpse into how moot court differs when the legal basis is international law. And finally, for those with experience with international law moot courts, this text is intended to serve as a ready handbook for “refreshers” on certain topics and for quick reference. The ILSA Guide is written by Cecilie Elisabeth Schjatvet & Zakir Hafez and published by the International Law Institute.

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Like an atlas, the LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student’s Guide to U.S. Law School Programs provides a series of “roadmaps” to guide prospective LL.M. students through every step of their journey. From assessing your reasons to acquire an LL.M., to choosing an American law school, meeting financial and immigration challenges, and succeeding in law school and a career in law, the LL.M. Roadmap provides straightforward guidance, along with plenty of checklists and reference sources. In ten parts and 33 chapters, this valuable text offers a careful examination of every consideration and contingency for making important life decisions.

“I regret that LL.M. Roadmap was not available when I was Director of Admissions of Harvard’s LL.M. program. I would have recommended it to every recruit and admitted student who passed through Harvard’s doors. I recommend LL.M. Roadmapnow to anyone, anywhere in the world, thinking about undertaking the LL.M. It’s a fabulously helpful text!”-Athena Mutua, Professor of Law, Univeristy of Buffalo Law & Former Director of Admission and Financial Aid, LL.M. Program Harvard Law School

“Professor Edwards has dymystified the process of choosing and getting admitted to a great American LL.M. program. This is how I would conduct my own LL.M. search.”-Michael Peil, Associate Dean for International Programs, Washington Univeristy School of Law & Former Executive Director, International Law Students Association

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Professor Edwards is generously donating all profits from this edition of the LL.M. Roadmap to the International Law Students Association.

About the author

Professor George E. Edwards, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the Director of the Program in Internatinoal Human Rights Law (PIHRL) at Indiana Univeristy School of Law, Indianapolis. He founded Indiana’s Overseas Human Rights Internship Program and is Founding Director of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Track in International Human Rights Law (former) and the Executive Chair of the Graduate Law Programs (Fomer).