Welcome Jessup Competitors! You should find all of the competition information you need on this page, but if you still have questions, please email [email protected]. We'll update content regularly as more competition information becomes available.


The Jessup 2021 Problem will concern a global pandemic, and the obligations and responses of States with respect to the outbreak. It will also involve questions of the jurisdiction of the Court, a desperate claim for political asylum by an alleged rogue scientist, and State responsibility for a suspicious aircraft explosion.

Jessup Team Registration

Team registration for Jessup 2021 will open on 7 September 2020.

Dates & Schedules

This schedule contains dates that have been confirmed for the 2021 Jessup Season. Additional dates, including those for national competitions and the 2021 White & Case International Rounds, will be added at a later date.
28 August 2020 RELEASE of Official Jessup Rules. (National Rules Supplements will be posted as they become available)
11 September 2020 ANTICIPATED RELEASE of the Jessup Problem
9 October 2020 ANTICIPATED RELEASE of First Batch of Basic Materials. The Basic Materials are a collection of research materials, designed to ensure that all teams, regardless of budget and access to information, start from the same position. All Basic Materials will be posted to the ILSA’s website.
16 October 2020 DEADLINE for Requests from Teams for Corrections and Clarifications to the Jessup Problem. Requests must be submitted through the online form found on your Team’s Home Page.
9 November 2020 DEADLINE for Second Batch Basic Materials Suggestions. This is the last day to submit suggestions for documents to be included in the Second Batch of Basic Materials. All Basic Materials will be posted to the ILSA’s website.
13 November 2020 DEADLINE for Eligibility Inquiries. This is the last day on which individuals may request the Executive Office’s special permission to compete under Official Rule 2.4.
16 November 2020 ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE of Corrections and Clarifications to the Jessup Problem.
20 November 2020 ANTICIPATED RELEASE of Second Batch of Basic Materials. The Second Batch of Materials usually includes a variety of treaties, caselaw, and secondary sources.
20 November 2020 DEADLINE for Registration (Online Form and Payment) for all Teams.
20 November 2020 DEADLINE for Submission of Team Roster. This is the last day on which teams may submit the names of their team members and advisors.
6 January 2021 DEADLINE for Submission of Memorials. Memorials must be submitted to the Executive Office in accordance with the Official Rules. A National Supplement to the Official Rules may impose additional submission requirements. It is the responsibility of teams to understand the submission requirements of the Official Rules and of their National Rules Supplement, if any, which are posted on ILSA’s website.
8 January 2021 DISQUALIFICATION DEADLINE for Failure to Submit Memorials. If a Team fails to submit its Applicant and Respondent Memorials by this day, the Team will be disqualified from the Competition. Any Memorial submitted after the 6 January Submission Deadline but prior to the 8 January Disqualification Deadline will be subject to applicable late penalties.


The Jessup 2021 Official Rules will be announced and updated later in the summer.

National Rounds Rules Supplements

The National Rounds Rules Supplements are updated frequently as National Administrators send them to us, so please be sure to check back often. These will be updated starting after the Registration Deadline has passed.