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The Jessup 2021 Problem will concern a global pandemic, and the obligations and responses of States with respect to the outbreak. It will also involve questions of the jurisdiction of the Court, a desperate claim for political asylum by an alleged rogue scientist, and State responsibility for a suspicious aircraft explosion.

Jessup Team Registration

Registration dates for Jessup 2021 will be announced shortly.

Dates & Schedules

The Jessup season officially begins in September and ends in April after the completion of the White & Case International Rounds. The Qualifying Rounds, internationally and in the US, take place between January and March. The 2021 International Rounds take place between April 4th to 10th, 2021 and will conclude with the Jessup Cup World Championship Round.

The Official Schedule will be announced and released later this summer.


The Jessup 2021 Official Rules will be announced and updated later in the summer.

National Rounds Rules Supplements

The National Rounds Rules Supplements are updated frequently as National Administrators send them to us, so please be sure to check back often. These will be updated starting after the Registration Deadline has passed.