Jessup Judges

The Jessup Competition is judged by an elite corps of volunteer attorneys. Judges are needed at all levels of the Competition (National, Friendly, and International) to evaluate and score the written and oral pleadings of the competitors. In most jurisdictions, study or practice in the field of international law, or prior experience in the Jessup Competition, is preferred, but not required.

Judge Registration

We encourage judges to begin registering for the Jessup Competition in October of every year. If you register your interest in judging National and Friendly Rounds, we will share your contact information with the National Administrators in the locations in which you indicated your interest in judging. The National Administrators will be communicating with and scheduling judges for National Rounds. The most up-to-date information about National Rounds including dates, locations, and National Administrator email addresses can be found on our National and Friendly Rounds page. If you have questions about a specific National Round, we encourage you to contact the National Administrator in the first instance. However, you can also email [email protected] with questions or concerns.

If you register your interest in judging the Jessup 2022 International Rounds we expect to confirm judges on a rolling basis from February through March 2022. We have limited judging slots available at the Jessup International Rounds, and may not be able to confirm all applicants to judge. Additional information will be sent to International Rounds judges as they are confirmed. We appreciate in advance your patience with this process. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Competition Format

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some adjustments have been made to the Jessup 2022 competition format. Teams in multi-participant countries will once again qualify for the 2022 White & Case International Rounds through national-level qualifying tournaments. Our national administrators will make determinations as to whether those tournaments will take place in-person or online, consistent with local circumstances and applicable national health guidelines. In addition, the 2022 White & Case International Rounds will be held online.

Click here to read the full statement regarding the Jessup 2022 competition format.

Competition Materials

The Jessup 2022 Problem - Download as pdf or doc

Official Jessup 2022 Rules

Resources and Guides for Judges

Below are helpful resources and guides for both returning and new judges. The materials are divided based on resources for oral rounds scoring and grading of the written memorial submissions.

National and Qualifying Rounds Schedule

The dates for all Jessup 2022 National and Friendly Rounds will be updated on a rolling basis.

National and Friendly Competitions without details have not yet been confirmed. Additional National or Friendly Rounds may be added over the course of several weeks based on Jessup Team registration. Questions can be sent to [email protected].

previous years

National Rounds

Jurisdiction Administrator Date Format
Afghanistan Sayed Ramiz Husaini 24 Feb - 1 March In-person
Argentina Moira Sanchez
Australia Dilan Thampapillai 15 - 19 February Virtual
Bangladesh A S M Pathan 11- 13 February Virtual
Belarus Dziana Pranichnikava 5 -7 February Virtual
Brazil Thais Neves 22 - 26 February Virtual
Canada Leah West 22 - 27 February Virtual
Chile José Tomás Sáez 28 - 29 January Virtual
Chinese Taipei Wan Chun Wendy Ho 19 - 21 February In-person, Soochow University Law School
Colombia Giovanny Vega-Barbosa
Andrea Hernandez
18 - 20 February Virtual
Egypt Nada Hashem 13 February Virtual
Georgia Ana Jaburi 12 - 14 February Virtual
Germany Martin Gronemann
Rachel Hoepfner
24 - 28 February Virtual
Hong Kong China Lai Yee Winnie Wat 27 - 28 February Virtual
India Bhavna Batra 27 - 28 February Virtual
Israel Barak Abarbanel 22 February Hybrid
Italy Agnese Pizzolla 3 - 6 March Virtual
Japan Akiho Shibata 12 - 14 February Virtual
Kenya Dominic Ndungu
Derrick Kimani
Mexico Liliana Oliva Bernal 22 - 26 February Virtual
Moldova Valeriu Dragalin 16 - 18 February Hybrid
Myanmar Khin Thiri Khit 13 - 14 February Virtual
Nigeria Ulame Erese 5 - 6 February Virtual
Pakistan USDOJ 24 - 26 February Virtual
Philippines Enrique Dela Cruz 22 - 26 February Virtual
Poland Agata Bzdyń
Russia Ekaterina Efimova
Irina Yakusheva
8 - 28 February Virtual
South Africa White & Case
Spain Saúl Salas 17 - 19 February Virtual
Thailand Jayavadh Bunnag 27 - 28 February Virtual
Ukraine Mariia Stolbova 12-14 February Virtual
United Kingdom Damian Bielicki 26 - 28 February Virtual
US Regional 1 ILSA 12 - 14 February Virtual
US Regional 2 ILSA 19 - 21 February Virtual
US Regional 3 ILSA 26 - 28 February Virtual
Jurisdiction Administrator Date Format
Belarus Victoriya Mitskevich
Andrey Kozik
Brazil Thais Neves
Canada Leah West
Chile Sofia Nievas
China Wenqi Zhu
Chinese Taipei Wan Chun Wendy Ho
Egypt Aliaa Atef
European Friendly Roxanna Nazari
Georgia Ana Jabauri
Hong Kong China
Italy Agnese Pizzolla
Kenya Dominic Ndungu
Mexico Alfredo Uriel Pérez Manriquez
Moldova Valeriu Dragalin
Myanmar Min Thant Tun
Nigeria Ulame Erese
Philippines Enrique Dela Cruz
Romania Laura-Maria Craciunean-Tatu
Russia Evgeniya Neverova
Sierra Leone
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Ukraine Mariia Stolbova
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials for the Jessup 2022 Competition will be posted as they become available.