Like an atlas, the LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student’s Guide to U.S. Law School Programs provides a series of “roadmaps” to guide prospective LL.M. students through every step of their journey. From assessing your reasons to acquire an LL.M., to choosing an American law school, meeting financial and immigration challenges, and succeeding in law school and a career in law, the LL.M. Roadmap provides straightforward guidance, along with plenty of checklists and reference sources. In ten parts and 33 chapters, this valuable text offers a careful examination of every consideration and contingency for making important life decisions.

“I regret that LL.M. Roadmap was not available when I was Director of Admissions of Harvard’s LL.M. program. I would have recommended it to every recruit and admitted student who passed through Harvard’s doors. I recommend LL.M. Roadmapnow to anyone, anywhere in the world, thinking about undertaking the LL.M. It’s a fabulously helpful text!”-Athena Mutua, Professor of Law, Univeristy of Buffalo Law & Former Director of Admission and Financial Aid, LL.M. Program Harvard Law School

“Professor Edwards has dymystified the process of choosing and getting admitted to a great American LL.M. program. This is how I would conduct my own LL.M. search.”-Michael Peil, Associate Dean for International Programs, Washington Univeristy School of Law & Former Executive Director, International Law Students Association

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Professor Edwards is generously donating all profits from this edition of the LL.M. Roadmap to the International Law Students Association.

About the author

Professor George E. Edwards, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the Director of the Program in Internatinoal Human Rights Law (PIHRL) at Indiana Univeristy School of Law, Indianapolis. He founded Indiana’s Overseas Human Rights Internship Program and is Founding Director of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Track in International Human Rights Law (former) and the Executive Chair of the Graduate Law Programs (Fomer).