Compromis: Case Concerning a Dispute over Fishing Rights (Neptunius v Atlantica)

Topics: Legality and Extent of Exclusive Fishery Zones, Regulations Regarding Seabed Exploration and Oceanic Research, Rights of Coastal States v. Distant Water Fishing Nations

Location: Statler-Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC

Date: April 14, 1973

Jessup World Cup Champion
West Virginia University (USA)
Team Members: James E. Roark, Michael J. Farrell, Olivia C. Bibb, Russell M. Clawges Jr., William S. Calwell, Jr.

Runner Up
Brunel University (United Kingdom)
Team Members: H. Philip Stopford, Jay W. Molyneaux, Graham Cunningham

Final Round Judges
Hon. William O. Douglas, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States
His Exc. Arvid Pardo, Minister for Oceanic Affairs for Malta and former Ambassador to the United States
Myres S. McDougal, Sterling Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Problem Author
H. Gary Knight, Professor of Law, Louisiana State University Law Center

Jessup Fellow: Carol Per Lee Plumb

Administrative Assistant: Sarah R. Nagler 

Best Oralist (Championship Round): James E. Roark, West Virginia University (USA)

Best Oralist (International Rounds): Niloufer Vishnu Bhagwat, Bombay University (India)

Best Oralist (US Rounds): Timothy Noel Smith, California Western University

Best Memorial Int’l. Rounds (Alona E. Evans Award): State University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Best Memorial (US Rounds)(tie): California Western University, Vanderbilt University

Best Memorial (US Regional Rounds – Rutgers Award): Washington & Lee University

Number of Teams Worldwide: 94

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 17

Number of Countries11

Number of Countries at the International Rounds11