Compromis: Case Concerning the International Export of Nuclear Explosives Technology (Shangri-La v. Pandora)

Topics: Treaty Interpretration, Material Breach, Remedies for a Material Breach

Location: Hotel Mark Hopkins, San Francisco, CA

Date: April 23, 1977

Jessup World Cup Champion
University of Kansas (USA)
Team Members – David Davenport, David Jeans, Kathleen Clubb Kaufman

Runner Up
University of Toronto (Canada)
Team Members – Raj Anand, Jon Fried, Jane Hill

Final Round Judges
Hon. Ben C. Duniway – Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Professor Yuichi Takano – Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
Mr. Carlton Stoiber – Assistant General Counsel, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Problem Author 
Ronald J. Bettauer – Deputy Assistant Legal Advisor for Oceans, Environment, & Scientific Affairs – Office of the Legal Advisor, United States Department of State

Jessup Fellow: Kenneth Klein

Administrative AssistantPamela M. Young 

Best Oralist (Championship Round): David Jeans, University of Kansas (USA)

Best Oralist (International Rounds): Jonathan T. Fried, University of Toronto (Canada)

Best Oralist (US Rounds): David Jeans, University of Kansas

Best Memorial Int’l. Rounds (Alona E. Evans Award): University of Toronto (Canada)

Best Memorial (US Rounds): University of Maine

Best Memorial (US Regional Rounds – Rutgers Award): University of Texas

Number of Teams Worldwide: 157

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 29

Number of Countries: 24

Number of Countries at the International Rounds20