Compromis: Case Concerning the Art Treasures (Misra v. Avon)

Topics: Rights of Third-Party States, State Succession, Cultural Property, Intertemporal Law, Treaty Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Extradition

Location: Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Date: April 12, 1986

Jessup World Cup Champion
Boston College (USA)
Team Members – Katherine C. Ashdown,  M. Florence Herard, Elisa L.L. Jauss, Scott P. Lopez

Runner Up
National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Team Members – Sundaresh Menon, Chandra Mohan Rethinam, Jeffery Eng Heong Tan, Indranee Thurai Rajah

Final Round Judges
Frances Armstrong – Office of the Legal Adviser, United States Department of State
The Hon. Maxwell Cohen, Q.C. – Judge ad hoc, International Court of Justice & Scholar in Residence at the University of Ottawa
Wiliam W. Bishop Jr. – Edwin D. Dickinson Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan Law School

Problem Authors
Prof. James A.R. Nafziger – Professor of Law, Willamette University
Ved P. Nanda – Professor of Law, University of Denver
Dinah L. Shelton – Professor of Law, University of Santa Clara

Jessup Fellow: Heidi V. Jimenez

Administrative AssistantPamela M. Young 

Best Oralist (Championship Round): Katherine Ashdown, Boston College (USA)

Best Oralist (International Rounds): Geert Wils, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven (Belgium)

Best Oralist (US Rounds): Kerry Balentine, University of Oklahoma City School of Law

Best Applicant Memorial (Richard R. Baxter Award): Boston College (USA)

Best Respondent Memorial (Richard R. Baxter Award): Boston College (USA)

Best Memorial Int’l. Rounds (Alona E. Evans Award): University of the West Indies (Barbados)

Best Memorial (US Rounds): Northwestern University

Best Memorial (US Regional Rounds – Rutgers Award): Southern Illinois University

Number of Teams Worldwide: 214

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 38

Number of Countries26

Number of Countries at the International Rounds26