Compromis: Case Concerning the Nationalization of Certain Properties (Bastonia v. Frontera)

Topics: State Succession, Nationalization/Expropriation and the Obligation to Compensate, Treaty Interpretation

Location: Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Date: April 3, 1993

Jessup World Cup Champion
University of Melbourne (Australia)
Team Members  – Richard Bouttle, Susan Brennan, Alison Duxbury, Bryan Ko, Tony Pitman

Runner Up
University of Hawaii (USA)
Team Members – Andrew Bunn, David Forman, David McCauley, Karla Winter

Final Round Judges
Mary Footer – British Institute of International & Comparative Law
Luis Miguel Diaz – Advisor, Foreign Minister of Mexico 
Talbert Fox – Counsel, Exxon Co. International
Dr. Farin Mirvahabi – Formerly of the United States Department of State
James Grossman – Chairman, U.S. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

Problem Authors
George C. Summerfield – Pennie & Edmonds

Executive Director: Brett J. Lorenzen

Assistant Jessup AdministratorPamela M. Young 

Best Oralist (Championship Round): Susan Brennan, University of Melbourne (Australia)

Best Oralist (Preliminary Rounds): David McCauley, University of Hawaii (USA)

Best Applicant Memorial (Richard R. Baxter Award): University of Minnesota (USA)

Best Respondent Memorial (Richard R. Baxter Award): Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College (India)

Best Memorial  – Int’l. Rounds (Alona E. Evans Award): University of Melbourne (Australia)

Best Memorial – World Regional Rounds (Hardy C. Dillard Award)University of Hawaii (USA)

Best Memorial (US Regional Rounds – Rutgers Award): Hamline University (USA)

1993 Records: 

Number of Teams Worldwide: 261

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 43

Number of Countries36

Number of Countries at the International Rounds34