Global Rounds

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Global Rounds took place virtually on the custom virtual competition platform designed by Yaatly. This history making event involved more than 550 Teams from 90 countries and over 1100 volunteer judges. For more information about the decision to hold a virtual competition, please read the Official Announcement of the 2021 Jessup Global Rounds.

For the first time ever, every team participating in the Jessup Competition had the opportunity to face international opponents as they competed for the White & Case Jessup Cup. The Competition began with Exhibition and Preliminary Rounds. Then the top 168 Teams proceeded to the White & Case Advanced Rounds. From there, the top 48 Teams moved on to the Elimination Rounds. Finally, the National University of Singapore and the University of Sydney faced off in the Championship Round with the University of Sydney taking home the Jessup Cup. Additional information can be found in the Global Rounds Press Release.

Problem: The Case Concerning the J-VID18 Pandemic

Topics: The 2021 Jessup Problem concerned a global pandemic and the obligations and responses of States with response to the outbreak. It also involved questions of the jurisdiction of the Court, a claim for political asylum, and State responsibility for shooting down a civilian aircraft.

Global Rounds: 9 March - 18 April 2021

Problem Authors: Peter Tzeng

Executive Director: Lesley A. Benn

2021 White & Case Jessup Cup World Championship

The 2021 World Championship took place virtually on 17 April 2021 and was live-streamed to viewers around the world. National University of Singapore (Applicant) faced University of Sydney (Respondent) in the final match of the 2021 Global Rounds.

Champion: University of Sydney (Australia)
Runner-up: National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Best Oralist in the Final Round: Bay Jia Wei
Judge Panel: H.E. Judge Tomka, H.E. Judge Xue, H.E. Judge Iwasawa

2021 Global Rounds Awards

The 2021 Global Rounds Awards Ceremony was held virtually on 18 April 2021 to recognize top  Teams and Competitors as well as outstanding members of the Jessup Community. You can watch the full Ceremony in the video below.  Here are the award winners: