Jenny Poon | Hong Kong

My passion for public international law began with a single word: “Jessup”. The Jessup problem opened my eyes to international refugee law issues and the plight of asylum seekers and refugees worldwide. Moreover, the Jessup problem allowed me to see international law at work. Little did I know that I would end up in a Doctor of Philosophy in Law program working on the same issues I faced in the Jessup. My goal is to utilize my Jessup memorial writing, research, and advocacy skills to further advance the human rights of migrants both now and in the future to come.

Maurice | Uganda

I once mentioned that Jessup was ‘a journey to my life’. It made me confident in my skin as I stepped on the international stage. More importantly, it eliminated the word ‘impossible’ from my psyche. The competence and character required to compete in Jessup must be exhibited in all aspects of my life.

Alena Tikhonova | Russia

I cannot be more grateful for the impact Jessup has had on my professional life by teaching me, among other things, excellent writing and oral advocacy skills. That pleasant feeling of being “tortured” by Jessup Judges’ questions was one of a kind. So, when I was pleading in a Russian court for the first time, not only did I know I was ready for anything, I found out (to my regret) that real life Judges don’t tend to ask as many questions! Also, what’s equally important is that Jessup brought some of the closest friends into my life.

Jessup Ukraine

Each year, Jessup Ukraine hosts a summer school program to help students improve their advocacy skills and gain a deeper understanding of international law. The program not only produces strong Jessup Competitors, but also builds effective international lawyers

Asaf Lubin | Israel

When we emailed the Treaty Section of the U.N. Office of Legal Affairs, the night before a national round, just to confirm that a certain treaty had, in fact, been registered in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter, that's when I knew there was no going back - I fell head over heels in love with international law. If you were to tell me when I participated in the Jessup in 2011 that by 2016 I would be a doctoral student at Yale Law school and a Jessup Compromis author, I would not have believed you – but Jessup paved the way and made it all possible.

Thomas Pate | Venezuela

Jessup was one of the most valuable learning experiences of my law school career! The combination of obsessing over complex fact patterns for months on end and learning about the International Court of Justice and international law, while at the same time perfecting persuasive and passionate public speaking techniques was fascinating, but without a doubt, the most valuable asset Jessup provided me with has been the lifelong friendships I forged with my teammates, coaches, fellow competitors and judges.

Benjamin Salas | Chile

Being a Jessup team-member and world finalist was a life changing experience. It is not only an opportunity to learn Public International Law and litigation competences, but also the place to understand the importance of teamwork. Today, I work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile as an advisor to ongoing ICJ cases, a unique experience where I can apply skills that only the Jessup can teach you.

Teddy Baldwin

Jessup Jamaica

Jessup Chile

Evgeny Minchev | Bulgaria

It all began... with a rejection. Next time I applied, I was denied again. I tried for the third (and possibly final) time and it worked! In my first year as a competitor, my team reached the International Rounds despite unfavorable odds. In my second year competing we reached the Octo-Finals in DC (first time ever for Bulgaria!). Since then I have coached and judged and the Jessup remains one of the most fulfilling Journeys I have ever embarked on. And all that because I did not give up. Neither should you.

Max Rubin | Canada

Jessup meant pushing the limits of my legal knowledge to new levels. Pushing myself to develop new arguments and ways of thinking. Without a doubt, one of my favourite parts of law school.