The 2016 Compromis

The 2016 Compromis, The Case Concerning the Frost Files, is now available. 

  • Official Version: PDF Format, Word Format
  • Other versions: In the case of a discrepancy, the official English version supersedes any of the versions listed below. A translated version of the Compromis may serve as the official version of the Compromis for the purpose of your Qualifying Rounds only if your Rules Supplement specifically replaces the English version with the translated version. In such case, the replacement is ONLY effective for your Qualifying Rounds. Please contact your Administrator if you have any questions. 

Corrections and Clarifications

The Corrections and Clarifications to the 2016 Compromis will be released on or around 12 November 2015.

Basic Materials

The batch materials will be released as indicated on the 2016 Official Schedule. 




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