Jessup Russia

We are proud to showcase Jessup Russia as our inaugural One World Profile. In 2002, an impressive 17 teams competed in the country’s first ever National Rounds. Over the last two decades, Jessup Russia has grown into one of the largest Jessup National Rounds with 32 teams competing in 2020. 

Russian Teams and individual competitors have reached the highest level of competition in the Jessup, taking home numerous oralist and memorial awards from the International Rounds. In 2012, Moscow State University took home the coveted Jessup Cup as the World Champion.

Celebrating 20 years of National Rounds

For two decades, the Russian National Rounds have brought together students from top law schools for one of the most competitive National Rounds in the World. Each year, the outstanding Russian National Rounds draw participants from across Russia and volunteer judges from around the world. Former competitors return as coaches or judges every season to connect with their Jessup Family. 

This Jessup season is special for us – we are  celebrating the 20th  anniversary of Jessup Russia. The humble debut of 2002 has grown into one of the strongest national championships in the world. Each February, generations of Russian Jessup participants, coaches, bailiffs, judges, and administrators greet each other from either side of the courtroom  as members of one big family. We remember all the hugs and tears we shared. We are looking forward to sharing each other’s professional and personal achievements. Even  in these socially distant times, we strive to stay connected.

Ekaterina Efimova, National Administrator of Jessup Russia,
and Irina Yakusheva, Jessup Coordinator for Russia

Against the backdrop of theory-oriented Russian legal education, Jessup offers students an exceptional opportunity to do something meaningful: pursue their own goals and strategies, build resilience and character, along with skills that reach beyond their future legal careers. Jessup shows Russian students that they are smart and strong enough to make a difference. For coaches, Jessup is a unique way to give back to the community and light the spark in future lawyers, outside of institutions, formal teaching and paperwork. Jessup Russia is about us meeting as human beings and as professionals; it is empowering; it is hope against the uncertainty weighting down this country and the world.

Evgeniya Neverova, former participant and coach, Russian FOJ

Jessup Russia is a family affair. Despite the size of the Russian rounds, many participants, judges and coaches have become life-long friends. And that is without mentioning the international championship quality of at least ten teams each year. 

Kristaps Tamuzs, judge, former coach, Russian FOJ