Watching the Jessup spirit expand across the globe gives us confidence in the future of international law. We've been excited to see this happen in Moldova. With extraordinary support from the United States Department of State and the ABA-Rule of Law Initiative, Moldova held its first-ever National Rounds of the Jessup Competition in 2020, with three Teams competing. ABA-ROLI, with support from the Department of State, committed to capacity building and supporting the rule of law in Moldova, including through important legal education programs like the Jessup, where future lawyers are exposed to critical thinking and important practical skills. The first-ever National Round concluded in February 2020 with Moldova State University being crowned champion.

BUILDING A Jessup Community

The Moldovan Jessup community has returned enthusiastically for the 2021 Competition with four teams ready to compete in the country’s second-ever National Round. All four law schools will go on to represent Moldova at the 2021 all-virtual Global Rounds of the Jessup, beginning in March 2021. We look forward the continued growth of the Jessup community in Moldova and the opportunity for even more universities to participate in future National Rounds.

Last year’s competition was the first National Round ever that was organized in Moldova, and I think that’s what makes last year's competition special for our legal education system. In this context, I really hope that this competition will remain in the Law Schools calendar for the years to come and universities will be more interested in supporting the students that compete in this unique opportunity.

Valeriu Dragalin, Moldovan National Administrator

Our Jessup journey was a marvelous roller coaster of breathtaking moments. It started with the courage of stepping forward and becoming a team. And the moment we heard "The winners of the national rounds of Moldova are..." we knew we had made it. We had become the best of the best in our country. And the plan was to take over the worlds. We, as a team, are grateful that we have had the opportunity for such an incredibly emotional experience. We look forward for the next year to carry out our plan. Cheers to everyone for making Jessup a unique part of our lives! For sure, this will remain one of the best experiences ever!

Irina Florea & the 2020 Moldova State University Jessup Team