2023 Student Deak Award Winner Announced

ILSA is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2023 Student Deak Award, for the best student-written law review article, is Jiang Zhifeng of the National University of Singapore. Jiang’s winning article, “Pacta Sunt Servanda and Empire: A Critical Examination of the Evolution, Invocation, and Application of an International Law Axiom,” was published in Volume 43, Issue 3 of the Michigan Journal of International Law and is available for download on the Journal’s website. Continue reading “2023 Student Deak Award Winner Announced”

Inaugural Rusty Dalferes Memorial Fund Recipients Announced

Longtime Jessup Judges Room Coordinator, Rusty Dalferes, loved that the Jessup brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. With his passing, the Rusty Dalferes Memorial Fund was set up to carry on his legacy by helping defray travel costs for dedicated, skilled Jessup judges. We are pleased to announce the first five recipients of the Rusty Dalferes Memorial Fund. Learn more here.

Call For Jessup 2024 Problem Proposals

The International Law Students Association (ILSA), the organization responsible for administering the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, invites all interested persons to submit proposals for issues to be addressed in the Jessup 2024 Problem (a.k.a. the Jessup Compromis). Proposals must be submitted to ILSA’s Executive Director, Michael Peil, at [email protected], by 1 March 2023. Continue reading “Call For Jessup 2024 Problem Proposals”