ILSA is now Soliciting Applications for 2024 Dalferes Laureates

The Rusty Dalferes Memorial Fund was established to help defray travel costs for dedicated, skilled Jessup judges to attend the White & Case International Rounds. We are now accepting applications from judges who wish to attend the International Rounds in 2024. If you wish to be considered, please complete the application form by December 8, 2023. You can learn more about Rusty Dalferes Memorial Fund here.

Nominations now Open for the 2024 Student Deak Award

ILSA is now accepting nominations for the 2024 Student Deak Award. The Student Deak Award is sponsored by Oxford University Press for the best international law student article in a student-edited law journal. The award honors Francis Deak, a WWII veteran who wrote extensively on international law. The award is the student equivalent of the prize separately awarded by the American Journal of International Law to a younger author for meritorious scholarship in the prior year’s volume of the Journal. Continue reading “Nominations now Open for the 2024 Student Deak Award”