Compromis: Case Concerning the Construction of an Artificial Island in the Pacific Ocean (Pacifica v. Oceania)

Topics: Freedom of the Seas, Rights on the Continental Shelf, Sovereignty over Artificial Islands, Legality of the Use of Force

Location: The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. 

Date: April 26, 1969

Jessup World Cup Champion (tie): 
Rutgers University (USA)
Team Members: Richard Berg, James Mann

University of Michigan (USA)
Team Members: Franklin K. Willis, Donald E. Shelton

Final Round Judges
Hon. Erwin N. Griswold – Solicitor General of the United States
Comm. Bruce Harlow  – Chief, Law of the Sea Branch, Judge Advocate General, U.S. Navy
Murray J. Belman  – Deputy Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of State

Problem Author: Not Recorded

Jessup Administrator: Allan R. Rothman (University of Miami)

Administrative Assistant: James A.R. Nafziger

Best Oralist: Franklin K. Williams, University of Michigan (USA)

Best Memorial: California Western University (USA)

Number of Teams Worldwide: 40

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 8

Number of Countries2

Number of Countries at the International Rounds2