Compromis: Case Concerning the Nationalization of the United Petroleum Company by the Government of Amazonia (United States v. Amazonia)

Topics: Expropriation of Corporate Assets, Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources, Extent of the Territorial Sea, Rights Available Within the Territorial Sea, Right of Reprisal, Treaty Validity

Location: The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY

Date: April 26, 1970

Jessup World Cup Champion: 
University of Miami (USA)
Team Members: Robert Bouchard, Alvin Entin, James Gilbride, George Harper, Judy Schmukler

Runner Up:  
University of Kentucky (USA)
Team Members: Wolfgang E. Neudorfer, Carson P. Porter, Sheryl G. Snyder

Final Round Judges
Hon. Philip C. Jessup – ret. International Court of Justice
Dr. F.V. Garcia-Amador – Director, Department of Legal Affairs, Organization of American States
Prof. Clive Parry – Cambridge University

Problem Author 
Richard B. Bilder – University of Wisconsin

Jessup Fellow: James A.R Nafziger 

Administrative Assistant: William Adams

Best Oralist: Alvin Entman, University of Miami (USA)

Best Memorial: University of Miami (USA)

Best Oralist (Championship Round): Carson P. Porter, University of Kentucky (USA)

Number of Teams Worldwide: 56

Number of Teams at the International Rounds: 9

Number of Countries6

Number of Countries at the International Rounds4