Press Release: 2022 United States National Rounds

For the first time since 1972, all US Jessup Teams will compete in a single National Round to determine the US Champion and the Teams that will advance to the 2022 White & Case International Rounds. We look forward to hosting the largest Jessup National Round in the world! Please review the information below for additional details about the 2022 US National Rounds:

Competition Format

The US National Rounds will be held virtually on the Jessup Competition Platform, the same platform used for the 2021 Jessup Global Rounds. Although the US National Rounds will bring together a record number of teams for a qualifying competition, the general structure of the competition will remain the same. Teams will compete in four Preliminary Rounds (twice as applicant and twice as respondent). The top 32 Teams will move on to the single-elimination Advanced Rounds which will ultimately determine the National Champion. For additional information, please review the 2022 Official Rules. Awards and recognition will be expanded to match the larger number of teams taking part.


The 2022 US National Rounds will take place on two weekends: 17-20 February 2022 (Preliminary Rounds) and 25-27 February 2022 (Advanced Rounds). Preliminary and Advanced Round matches will be scheduled between 9AM and 9PM ET. Teams’ timezones will be taken into account during scheduling. A complete schedule for the US National Rounds will be provided to all US Jessup Teams at a later date. 

Advancing Teams

The number of Teams advancing to the White & Case International Rounds from the US National Rounds will be determined according to Rule 1.2(b):

(b) The number of Representatives from each Jurisdiction shall be determined as follows:

(i) a number at least equal to the number of Teams that submit memorials in that jurisdiction divided by six, rounded to the nearest whole number; and

(ii) an additional Team for each Jurisdiction where at least one Team advanced to the Elimination Rounds of the immediately preceding year’s International (or Global) Rounds.

The exact number of Teams that advance from the US National Rounds will be based on the number of US Teams that register and submit memorials. Competing Teams will be informed of the number of Advancing Teams prior to the start of the US National Rounds.