Now Accepting Nominations for the 2023 Student Deak Award

ILSA is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Student Deak Award. The Student Deak Award is given annually to the best international law student article in a student-edited law journal. The award honors Francis Deak, a WWII veteran who wrote extensively on international law. The award is the student corollary to the Deak Prize separately awarded by the American Journal of International Law to a younger author for meritorious scholarship in the prior year’s volume of the Journal.

Students, professors, practitioners or other persons in the legal community may nominate students for the Deak Award. Student may also self-nominate.

Per award rules, the nominee must have been a student at the time the article was written, and the article must have been published in a student-edited journal during the award year (2022). All nominations satisfying these criteria will be considered by the awards committee who will choose the winning submission. Nominations should be submitted to [email protected] no later than 1 March 2023. All nominations must include the article citation and article in PDF format along with the name and email address of the author.

The award will be presented at the American Society of International Law’s 2023 Annual Meeting which will be held 29-31 March 2023 in Washington, DC.