Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty

Date(s) - 08/12

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Join ANU: College of Law’s Politics of International Law Seminar Series for its upcoming lecture: Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty.

Political disagreement is a fact of life. It can prompt people to stand for public office and agitate for political change. Others take a different route; they start their own nation. Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty is the first comprehensive examination of the phenomenon of people purporting to secede and create their own country. It analyses why micronations are not states for the purposes of international law, considers the factors that motivate individuals to separate and found their own nation, examines the legal justifications that they offer and explores the responses of recognised sovereign states. In doing so, this talk that draws from book develops a rich body of material through which to reflect on conventional understandings of statehood, sovereignty and legitimate authority.