Transitional Justice Approach in Terrorism-Related Contexts and Sustainable Peace

Date(s) - 06/28

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Transitional justice approaches constitute a critical component of the United Nations framework for strengthening the rule of law, ensuring increased accountability, and promoting reconciliation. The Executive Office of the Secretary-General’s review of the UN’s approach to transitional justice offers a critical opportunity to further explore linkages between counterterrorism and transitional justice. In contemporary conflicts which include individuals and groups associated with terrorism, a growing set of transitional justice approaches to reintegration, rehabilitation and reconciliation are being considered as they offer a balance between the requirements of reconciliation and reintegration on the one hand, and the demand for justice and accountability for victims on the other.

This virtual roundtable will provide an opportunity to discuss transitional justice approaches in counterterrorism efforts, highlighting challenges, successes, and possible opportunities. The discussion will take stock of the current discussions at the international, regional and national level, highlighting the overarching objectives of transitional justice vis-à-vis counter terrorism measures in conflict, post conflict and peaceful settings.

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Annabelle Bonnefont at [email protected].